Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still Waiting

This week we received word that our three little ones are growing well. They are eating well and gaining weight. So many things are happening with international adoption right now. UNICEF is doing everything they can to halt adoptions in Liberia, Ethiopia, Haiti and many other foreign countries.
This week Liberia has announced that they will be putting a hold on adoptions again, third time in two years. Two days later the Ministry of Health in Monrovia announced that adoptions will proceed again, though slowly.

Where are we at? We are waiting for the accredidation of our agency under the new laws. We also wait while Liberia continues to get their process ironed out. We will be sending paperwork over with our agency the beginning of April. Once our paperwork is accepted by the embassy in Liberia we will receive the children's visas, medical reports and the clearance for them to leave.

We continue to send support and pray for our little ones. We are praying they will be home before their second birthday in July!

Due to the fact that we do not have a travel timeline, we are waiting to see who will travel and when. The airlines will require three adults to travel to hold the children on the plane. Andrew and I would love to travel and as of right now that is our plan, but we have several options.

Ways you can time gets closer we will be taking donations of frequent flyer miles. We will fly from Georgia to Belgium and then into Monrovia. There is a possibility that Delta Airlines will open a direct flight to Monrovia from Atlanta, which would be wonderful! The airline will require the children to have tickets as well, but they are much cheaper than a full ticket, as they will be sitting on our laps.

So we continue to wait.