Friday, July 9, 2010

Tonights Message

First of all I have been trying to post pictures for over 24 hours and can't get them to load.....internet too slow. So they will be on as soon as I can.

Tonight Doug Phillips spoke about children being a blessing. He also talked about how the pill has been used to kill more than 700 million babies, far more than abortion.

Becky Morecraft sung for us, which is always a treat. She told my little ones, who love her CDs, she sings with her sister Judy Rogers, to promote her music and she will make more for them. Abigail especially loves Judy and Becky's songs.

Geoff Botkin spoke on embryology. It was incredible! He used clay to demonstrate how the Lord forms us and how the baby develops in the first 57 days, going from one cell to 1 million cells! I learned a few things that I will share tomorrow.

Now it is after midnight and I am ready for bed. Tomorrow we start again at 8:30!

Oh by the way we have connected with soooo many families that we know and have met over the years. We are tired tonight but having a great time.