Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yesterday was a little disappointing. We were scheduled to sell a good number of goats, with the funds going to our adoption. The lady that was purchasing them backed out last minute. We still have 14 goats to sell. As much as I enjoy the goats, we are happy to sell them to raise money for our adoption.

I have been doing some mystery shopping on the side to help raise funds. Thankfully the Lord has provided many shops available close to home. This last month I raised $700 by mystery shopping various companies around town. As soon as my check comes I will add it to the donation thermometer!

My children are so very sweet. They all desire to bring home their new sisters from Liberia. One of my sons came to me this morning and asked me to take money from his bank account to add to our adoption account. I am so greatful that my children know what many adults have yet to learn....children are a blessing from the Lord.

Well I trust you will have a wonderful weekend. Our family is spending time together both on our farm and off!


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