Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have received a few questions from readers over the past few weeks.

1. Yes, our children have someone to stay with them in Georgia while we travel. Andrew and I do not want to leave our other children for a week but we feel that it is important to our new daughters that we both travel to Africa to pick them up, as we'll see their homeland. It is our desire to bring a little bit of Africa into our home, much the way we have done with Andrew's British heritage. Our children will be well cared for!

2. While we are planning on adopting two little girls from Liberia we have left our homestudy open to three children. Many times a sibling will come into the picture or a special child will touch the the hearts of those adopting....we want to make sure if that happens we will have all our paperwork in order, should the Lord choose.

3. We are very open to whichever children the Lord should see fit to bring into our home. While we as parents pray for healthy happy children, we also realize that most of the children in Liberia are not healthy due to lack of nutrition. Much like having a biological child we are waiting on the Lord as to whom He would have us bring into our home.

4. Yes these children will be our children forever. Adoption is a wonderful picture of how Christ chose us in our unworthy state to be His forever! We will raise these children as our own daughters. We will love them dearly. We will also tell them they are chosen. We will celebrate their African heritage.

5. Yes we are open to more biological children. This seems to be the most popular question lately. We are open to all the children God would chooses to bless us with, biological or adopted. Being in my early thirties we trust the Lord will bless us with many more children to raise for Him.

6. No, we do not live in a mansion and we are not rich monetarily. When we started this adoption last December we lived in a 2300 sq ft house with three bedrooms. We had six boys in one bedroom and the girls in another. We began to pray that the Lord would expand our boundaries and enlarge our family. In March we began looking at farm for sale. In April Abby was born and in June we moved in to a home more than twice the size of our old house. We have five bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus a huge unfinished basement! Two girls rooms and two boys rooms, plus a large master bedroom with room for several babies! As for the riches we are blessed beyond measure. Andrew works two jobs. During the day he works in corporate America. Evenings and weekends he runs our commercial poultry farm. We have five chicken houses and raise broilers for Pilgrim's Pride. Every eight weeks we get new baby chicks. The children and I help run the farm during the day. We are praying that God will allow Andrew to quit his other job this year and work from home full time.


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