Friday, February 20, 2009

Visit our Magazine Sales Website

We are beginning a fundraiser to help with the cost of travel. As time gets closer to spring and summer the cost of airfare continues to rise. We are still working on "buddy passes" and frequent flyer miles, but because the only airline that actually flies into Liberia is Brussels Air we will need to purchase tickets as well.

So here is how you can help us. Go to our website and order or renew your magazines. It is very easy! The second thing you can do is let all your friends, family and co-workers know. The more subscriptions the closer we will be traveling to Liberia.

We are still waiting for the country to open up and provide us a referral. We want to be ready on our end to travel as soon as we receive the ok. We have wonderful friends and family praying all over the country, as well as over seas, that the Lord would provide the funds and open the door for our referral. Please pray also that our immigration paperwork at the USCIS office is completed soon. We are waiting to here from them anyday.


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