Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newspaper Interview

Yesterday we received a call from our local newspaper. They wanted to do an article on our adoption. After the interview they sent a camara man out to take pictures. Andrew was at work so they only got pictures of me and the children.

Today when I took the little children to the library the lovely ladies at the counter asked the children if they had seen the paper today. They raved about what a wonderful article it was about our family and how much they enjoy having us in the community. The children and I ran to WalGreens on the way home to buy a few newspapers. The article is also online.

We are so very thankful that the story was positive and attempted to show our that "children are a blessing from the Lord!"

May God be praised!


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Johnson said...

Great article! I was so pleasantly surprised to see some of your kiddos in our project shirts! I am praying for your family!!