Friday, December 11, 2009

We are still here....

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. Life is always busy with nine children, four on the way! Most days I am so focused on raising our current arrows, all the while dreaming and praying for our three little ones half a world away. We get regular reports about their health and progress, which is always so good for this mommy's heart.

When we began this adoption we never imagined it would take over two years to bring home our little ones. I, being a planner, like to think on my own time schedule. If it were up to me we probably would have adopted before Abigail was born, which means we never would have been matched with these precious babies. When will I learn to rest in God's timing.

Since it has taken so long we are now starting our homestudy process again. Wow, never saw that one coming when we did this just over a year ago. A homestudy is a written report about a family. A social worker prepares the report and it is sent to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Department as well as the country the children are coming from, which in our case is Liberia, West Africa. Today we went to the Sheriff's office for our FBI and GBI fingerprinting. Now we have to get eleven medical physicals done, our septic tank approved for fifteen people, new reference letters, employment verification, etc. Unfortunately it all costs money, but the Lord has provided each step of the way for this adoption.

We are getting near the end. The Ministry of Health in Liberia has stated they will be taking cases in January. I have been dreaming about traveling to Africa for a few years now. I pray that God will use our trip as a blessing to those we meet, those that need to see God's love, those who have so very little compared to us in America. May we be a light to Liberia, West Africa. I don't believe this will be our last trip to Liberia, but a beginning of a lifelong ministry.

Prayer Requests:
  • Health for the babies - they are severely malnourished, weighing less than 10 pounds each, yet they are healthy so far
  • Homestudy process - that all will go smoothly and quickly
  • Wisdom for travel - Our little one in the womb is due in March and we would prefer her to be born in America not in Liberia
  • That God would use the Redman family to bless many in Liberia

Thanks for your continued support for our family during this adoption process. We know God has great plans for each of our children, those born in America and Africa.


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