Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please Pray

Friday three Liberian gentlemen are going to meet with the Ministry of Justice on our behalf. We are working quickly to get a few letters from our Senators and Governor to send as well.

Please pray that if it be God's will Christiana Tah would allow us to complete our adoption and go to pick up our children. This is a huge opportunity for us. Hannah and Hosanna turn two years old this month. What a celebration it would be for us to be able to bring them home to their forever family.

One amazing note...the Lord laid on our hearts last week before we left to contact the Ministry of Justice in Liberia. We emailed Christiana Tah and pleaded with her to allow our children to come home. Then a week or two later we hear that she has asked to speak with the adoption agencies in Liberia as well as adoptive parents that can make it to the meeting. We do not have the money for me to fly to Liberia tomorrow but with that said we have wonderful representation on our behalf!

Please pray!!!

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Mary Nelson said...

Carrie, praying for all this to happen and to God's Glory!! Love you all and glad you had a wonderful trip, grandma