Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girls may be home soon....

We received more pictures of the girls this week. We were also told that this week adoptions are scheduled to open. Our family is so very excited!! We are starting to make plans to travel should things open up. The pictures of the girls are so amazing. These two little girls weighed 9 pounds at 18 months. I would venture to guess by the pictures they are at least close to the same weight and size as our little Abby, who is also 2 years old.

Pastor Peter in Liberia has commented on what a positive example the girls are for our sponsorship program with Global Orphan Outreach. Both girls were severely malnourished. We started sponsoring them by providing money for food, clothing and medicine. This small amount of money each month has not only kept these girls healthy and alive but has caused them to flourish.

Check out my ww.OurFullHouse.com for pictures of the girls!

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