Thursday, April 14, 2011

W.A.L.K.: Sometimes You have to Wander Off the Path

W.A.L.K.: Sometimes You have to Wander Off the Path: "This blog is about kids. It's about school. It's about sending kids to school in Liberia. I am passionate about this cause..."

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Jamie said...

I just found your blog after receiving an email about the two little twins whose mom has recently passed away. We have two biological kids and one beautiful Ethiopian princess. We are in the process of adopting twins from Ethiopia but have not yet received our referral. We've been waiting for 14 months on the wait list - reading your blog I realize how much this pales in comparison to your wait. We received news of these twins in Liberia just as we were praying to see our babies from ET... I'm not sure what God's plan is but I know it is good and perfect. Could you offer any insight as to the possibility of Liberia opening up again for adoptions and what your thoughts are as far as us possibly being called to adopt these little ones... We are simply following God and were led here, so we want to walk forward and believe that if this is his path that we will be provided for and if not we at least want to offer prayers and support to these two adorable gifts. Prayers and blessing to you and for you and yours!