Friday, April 9, 2010

Maybe soon....

Liberia has officially announced that adoptions are taking place!! Things have been moving slowly in Liberia since about December, but no official word was given until yesterday that things are moving again!

A few new challenges may be in our path. One, the government of Liberia is requiring that both parents travel and appear in Monrovia for an exit interview. While both of us traveling was our desire, the timing now will make it more complicated. Two weeks ago we had a little baby girl, our tenth child. The challenge will be taking her to Liberia with us (concern for her health) or leaving her for a week here in the US. Also in order to bring the triplets home we will have to travel with them on our laps on the plane, if we take the baby we will need more help in our travels.

We know the Lord has a plan and we are both excited to see what He does. We are also very excited about bringing home our little ones in the next couple months. One lesson I have learned is not to try to run ahead of the Lord. We are almost 2 1/2 years into this adoption process. I had my plans from the beginning. I was sure we would fill out our paperwork, obtain our approval and travel all before our ninth child was born. Well she is turning two at the end of this month. The Lord had other plans which we now see were for our good.


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da halls said...

Wow! That's just about all I can say. Wow!

I HAD to come over to your blog to get a little better glimpse as to who you are when I read your comment on Kim's "In a shoe" blog. ANYONE with 10 kids awaiting triplets from Liberia has to be waaaaaaaay cool and I totally want to meet!

Adoption is very near and dear to my heart (I'm adopted and 3 of my kids are adopted) and I love, love, love to get to meet other people doin' the adoption thang.

I pray that you get to bring home your precious triplets soon. I also pray for all of the details about who goes to get them and that it will work best for your youngest little one . . . very smoothly (and if nothing else that your heart and mind will be calm as you wait on the Lord and His perfect timing/plans).

Mary Beth